Nana's Attic

Lives & Archives performs digital inventories, archives family photos and records, conducts oral histories, and organizes estate sales and appraisals. In 2007 we decided to "clean house" and sell some of the collectibles we have accumulated over the last 50 plus years -- thus Nana's Attic was born. Nana’s Attic is an eclectic collection culled from our own personal collections, pieces we have inherited and decided not to collect, as well as pieces that our customers have asked us to sell for them. (After all, how many collections can you have in one house?)

You can find items for sale from Nana's Attic on eBay, ePier, and Craig's List.

Recently sold treasures from Nana's Attic

Antique Tootsie Toy Midgets

Victorian two-toned button baby shoes

Glass Eye Studio Paperweight

Antique Wooden Ramp Walkers 1930s

Vintage 1930s All Metal Products Co. Red

Hubley Harley Davidson Cast Iron Hillclimber Motorcycle

Marvel Comics: Collection of Conan comics early 1990s

Vintage Jack-O-Lantern Socks for Children box

1930s Vintage T.Y.D.Y. tinplate military

Vintage 1930s Lincoln Log Timbers in original box

Building Blocks: American Skyline set
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