Recent disasters, E.g. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, devastating fires in the Southwest, and unprecedented tornados in the Midwest, exposed the lack of preparedness by most of us when disaster strikes. As stories emerged of homeowners or business owners unprepared and unable to document what they had lost, and their struggle in negotiating with insurance companies to recover their losses, it became apparent that a service was needed to fill this gap. Lives and Archives works hand in hand with an insurance specialist to assure that each household or business insurance contract is tailored to your insurance company’s specifications. We worked with an experienced disaster photographer to develop a business that would document home or business contents to be data archived on a securer server 24/7. Digitally photographing and archiving the contents of your home or business enables you to simplify your life following a disaster or burglary.

Our background as a journalist and researcher gave us the experience needed to document other areas of your life. Lives and Archives represents over twenty-five years of research experience in business, non-profit, and home settings, as well as working as a head researcher for an international consulting business. We know how to interview and ask the questions that get you the information you desire.

Genealogy originally was a hobby that expanded into the business though doing genealogy look-ups for a national genealogy research organization. These look-ups are primarily conducted at this point in time in Connecticut, though requests are from all over the United States from people unable to travel to Connecticut to trace their family history.

Our estate sales are set-up and run by personnel that have over 25 years experience in organizing, pricing, and conducting estate sales.

Professional appraisals are conducted by professional independent general appraisers that specialize in appraising fine and decorative arts, jewelry, and household contents to the highest standards.

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